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    Our Story

    WowAmoire is a global online retail company that delivers customized T-shirts, hoodies, etc. directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2020, WowAmoire specializes in game-topic clothing products and is delegated to providing high-quality gear to all WOW fans.
    As we all know, World of Warcraft is a popular game around the world, but a lot of Wowers merely get online as they are so caught up in everyday trivialities. One of them is Ragnarok, the founder of WowAmoire. Occasionally he recollects the memory of fighting with friends for honor when they were young and passionate. But now they merely see each other in the game, nor in real life.
    So Ragnarok decided to do something to remember those good times. He redesigned some memorable WOW designs and printed them on clothes with the latest digital printing technology. Thus WowAmoire went online to gather people to appreciate the present and recollect more of what they once believed. As the minotaurs say in the World of Warcraft, Fight For Honor. And we, in real life, will always fight and protect for the honor of ourselves, our friends, and family.  

    New Arrival

    Wecollected more details from other wowers in searchofinspiration
    for new arrivals.If you would like to share about yours,send the materials to ajiusertraline@gmail.comcommunicating with our designer.


    Our team members come from all over the world, and our vision is to extend wower's ship to more.We may leave the world one day but wower's story will continue."For the azeroth,For the alliance!" "For the Horde!"